instructions for poster presenters

Posters will be displayed continuously during the conference, but two dedicated slots have been scheduled in the program for you to present them personally: the spotlight session and the poster session.

During the spotlight session on Monday November 10 from 15:30 to 16:00, each poster presenter will be given exactly one minute to promote their work. No slides, just you and the microphone. Come prepared and join us on the podium at the very start of the session. Depending on your poster number, which you will find in the conference program booklet, you will be asked to form a line to the left (even numbers) or to the right of the podium (odd numbers). Members of the organisation committee will help you get in the right line. During the tea & poster break on Monday November 10 from 16:00 to 17:00, we expect you to stand next to your poster and discuss your work with the attendees of the conference.

You have to print the poster yourself. The maximum size of your poster is A1 landscape or portrait (i.e., 841 mm by 594 mm). Poster boards will be available from the start of the conference. You can mount your poster immediately upon arrival and and leave it there throughout the conference. Please mount your poster to the correct poster board depending on your poster number (which you will find in the conference program booklet). Materials to attach your poster to the poster boards will be available.

instructions for oral presenters

Presenters of oral presentations are expected to upload their presentation onto the computer in the break before the respective session (see preliminary conference program). One of the conference organizers will assist you with uploading your presentation. The computers are running on windows and presentations in .ppt, .pptx and .pdf are allowed. The computer is connected to the Internet. If it is absolutely necessary to use your own laptop for your presentation, then please contact the assisting conference organizer in the break preceding your session. For further enquiries please contact Laura.

All sessions are 90 minutes in length. Since sessions consist of five presentations you have 12 minutes for your presentation leaving about 5 minutes for questions and discussion. Time will be strictly monitored by the session chair.