Please find below the program of Experiencing Light 2014

8:00 - Registration & Coffee
9:00 - Opening
Yvonne de Kort (Chair)
Emile Aarts (Scientific Director ILI)
9:30 - Paper session 1: Perception of light
Session chair: Yvonne de Kort
  • The effect of phase on flicker visibility
  • Malgorzata Perz, Ingrid Vogels, Dragan Sekulovski and Ingrid Heynderickx
  • Visibility of spatial chromatic contrast for lighting applications
  • Ingrid M.L.C. Vogels and Marc Lambooij
  • Effect of non-uniformity and luminance contrast on the acceptability and the sensation of discomfort of the source brightness
  • Gertjan Hilde Scheir, Peter Hanselaer, Geert Deconinck and Wouter Rita Ryckaert
  • Dark adaptation to spatially complex backgrounds
  • Mariska Stokkermans and Ingrid Heynderickx
  • Spectrum and Scene Brightness Perception
  • Ute Besenecker and John Bullough
11:00 - Coffee
11:30 - Paper session 2: Circadian & performance effects
Session chair: Mariëlle Aarts
  • Simulating aged vision for real environments
  • Yun Ling and Ingrid Heynderickx
  • Exploring inter-individual variations in light exposure patterns and sensitivity to acute vitalizing effects of light in everyday life
  • Karin Smolders, Thomas Kantermann, Domien Beersma and Yvonne de Kort
  • The effects of daytime bright light exposure on memory task performance varying in difficulty level.
  • Laura Huiberts, Karin Smolders, Wijnand IJsselsteijn and Yvonne de Kort
  • Effective illuminances for the five photopigments in the human eye determined by LED and fluorescent light scenes
  • Laura Bellia, Giuseppe Barbato, Alessia Pedace and Francesca Fragliasso
  • Implementing Programmable LED Lighting in a Hospital Setting: A Multi-Method Multi-Phase Quasi Experiment
  • April Spivack and Steve Dunn
13:00 - Lunch
14:00 - Paper session 3: Daylight & office lighting
Session chair: Femke Beute
  • Simulation Study of a Virtual Natural Lighting Solutions Prototype: Validation and Analysis of Various Configurations
  • Rizki A. Mangkuto, Myriam B.C. Aries, Evert J. van Loenen and Jan L.M. Hensen
  • Evaluating the experience of daylight through a virtual skylight
  • Bernt Meerbeek and Pieter Seuntiens
  • An Extensive Daylight Assessment Through Quantitative Appraisal and Qualitative Analysis
  • Barbara Gherri
  • Personal Lighting Control for Open Offices
  • Tatiana Lashina, Sanae Chraibi and Paul Shrubsole
  • Acceptable Fading Time of a Granular Lighting System for Co-workers in an Open Office
  • Patrick T.J. Creemers, Evert J. van Loenen, Mariëlle P.J. Aarts, Sanae Chraibi and Tatiana A. Lashina
15:30 - Spotlight session
Session chair: Daniel Lakens
16:00 - Posters & tea
17:00 - Keynote: Paul Bogard
Introduced by Wijnand IJsselsteijn
18:00 - Transfer to social event location (5 minutes walk)
18:30 - Social event
Hostess: Indre Kalinauskaite
Light designers: Vinny Jones & Indre Kalinauskaite
  • Join us for a nice evening in Het Ketelhuis on Strijp S for a social get-together and to become part of our light show dinner (included in conference fee).
21:00 - Evening suggestion: visit Glow S
  • This is a self-guided tour but a map of the Glow S route will be in the conference bag.
9:30 - Coffee
10:00 - Keynote: Steve Fotios
Introduced by Antal Haans
11:00 - Coffee
11:30 - Paper session 4: Light & Experience - indoor
Session chair: Karin Smolders
  • Enlightened thoughts: Associations with daylight versus electric light, preference formation, and recovery from stress
  • Femke Beute and Yvonne de Kort
  • How to create sustainable lighting for users? Psychological mechanisms underlying lighting effects
  • Anna Steidle, Lioba Werth, Jan de Boer and Klaus Sedlbauer
  • Feeling the light? Impact of illumination on observed thermal comfort
  • Gesche Huebner, Stephanie Gauthier, David Shipworth, Peter Raynham and Wing San Chan
  • Atmosphere perception: combining lighting and fragrance
  • Andre Kuijsters, Johan Silva, Boris de Ruyter and Ingrid Heynderickx
  • Experiencing Adaptive Retail Lighting in a Real-World Pilot
  • Henrika Pihlajaniemi, Anna Luusua, Piia Markkanen, Aulikki Herneoja and Vesa Pentikäinen
13:00 - Lunch
14:00 - Paper session 5: Light & Experience - outdoor
Session chair: Ingrid Heynderickx
  • De-escalate: Defusing escalating behaviour through the use of interactive light scenarios
  • Yvonne de Kort, Wijnand IJsselsteijn, Antal Haans, Daniel Lakens, Indre Kalinauskaite and Anne Schietecat
  • Cross Modal Associations between Aggression and Light
  • Anne Schietecat, Daniel Lakens, Yvonne de Kort and Wijnand IJsselsteijn
  • Using lighting to make pavements safer for pedestrians
  • James Uttley, Steve Fotios and Chris Cheal
  • Perceived and Measurable: Lighting of the Cambridge King's College Antechapel for concerts as a case study
  • Wing Lam Lo and Koen Steemers
15:30 - Closing & drinks
16:30 until 17:30 - Field lab tour Stratumseind